Helpful Sources

There are abundant sources in both German and English about the strategic Allied bombing of Germany during World War II and the Hitler Youth. A select few of these sources are listed below.

The Allied Bombing —

Feuersturm über Hamburg, Hans Brunswig (Motorbuch Verlag Stuttgart), 1978.

Der Untergang des alten Würzburg im Luftkrieg gegen die deutschen Großstädte, Max Domarus (Selbstverlag Würzburg), 1982.

The Fire: The Bombing of Germany 1940-45, Jörg Friedrich (Columbia University Press), 2006.

To Destroy a City: Strategic Bombing and Its Human Consequences in World War II, Hermann Knell (Da Capo Press), 2003.

In Stummer Klage: Zeugnisse der Zerstörung Würzburgs, Mainfränkisches Museum Würzburg, 1985.

Das Dritte Reich und Würzburg: Versuch einer Bestandsaufnahme, Dieter W. Rockenmaier, 1988

Die Brandnacht: Dokumente von der Zerstörung Darmstadts am 11 September 1944, Klaus Schmidt (Verlag H.L. Schlapp), 2003.

“On the Natural History of Destruction,” Max Sebald, included in the book of the same name (Modern Library Classics), 2004.

Würzburger Chronik vom Denkwürdigen Jahre 1945 (Verlag F. Schöningh Würzburg), 1946.

For more in-depth research about the bombing of German cities, Max Sebald’s essay, above, has copious footnotes that refer the reader to helpful sources, both fiction and nonfiction.

The Hitler Youth during World War II —

The German Home Front, 1939-45, Terry Charman (Barrie & Jenkins, London), 1989

A Child of Hitler: Germany in the Days When God Wore a Swastika, Alfons Heck (Renaissance House), 1985.

Hitler Youth 1922-1945: An Illustrated History, Jean-Denis GG. Lepage (McFarland & Compan, Jefferson, N.C.), 2009.

Europa Europa: A Memoir of World War II, Solomon Perel (John Wiley & Sons), 1997.

Forget That You Have Been Hitler Soldiers: A Youth’s Service to the Reich, Harmann O. Pfrengle, with Wilbur D. Jones, Jr. (Burd Street Press Shippensburg, Penn.), 2001.

Hitler’s Children: The Hitler Youth and the SS, Gerhard Rempel (The University of North Carolina Press), 1989.

The Nazi Primer: Official Handbook for Schooling the Hitler Youth, trans. Harwood L. Childs (Harper & Brothers Publishers, London), 1939.

The Hitler Youth Basic Handbook, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Evaluation and Dissemination Section,, available full-text at